Donna Marques

Donna Marques
Part-Time Faculty - Spanish
Literature and Language Arts
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Are you ready for online Spanish?

I'm very excited that you are considering taking on this new challenge!  Take this quick test and see if this is the right fit for you and your schedule.

Things To Consider:

  • This is not a self-paced course, there will be weekly due dates.
  • You will be required to "meet" with other students online to practice your speaking skills.
  • You will need to have an up-to-date computer with a microphone & webcam to successfully complete this course.

Course Materials: READ THIS!!

  • You will be required to purchase PORTALES to successfully complete this course.  
  • Do not buy a used book from an outside source; you will still be required to buy a code to access the online activities and these codes can only be used once by one student. 
  • Here are the pricing options:
                (1) 6-month code: $135 per semester (1 Spanish class only)
                (2) 12-month code: $85 per semester (2 Spanish classes in a 1 year period: $170 upfront)
                (3) 24-month code: $63 per semester (3 Spanish classes in a 2 year period: $190 upfront) 

  • Please note: The MJC Spanish Department PROUDLY offers the following courses FULLY ONLINE:

  •           (1) Spanish 101 (Fall, Spring, Summer semesters)
              (2) Spanish 102 (Fall, Spring, Summer semesters)
              (3) Spanish 103 (Fall semester ONLY)

  • Purchase your code by clicking here
  • These prices are for online access, which includes an online textbook; there are more expensive options with a loose-leaf version of the textbook, but I don't recommend buying it. Students who have bought the physical textbook in the past have reported never using it. 
  • Plan your courses carefully and purchase the 24-month code!  It is the best bang for your buck! 

Sound Like a Good Fit?

  • Log on to Canvas or click on the links below to read the course syllabus and calendar - make sure you are well informed before making a commitment.  
  • I look forward to having you in my class, ¡Bienvenid@!


Donna Marqués has been teaching Spanish since 1994 at various institutions throughout San Diego County.  She joined the Modesto Junior College Language's department in Spring of 2016.  Donna holds several degrees and certificates: a Bachelor's Degree in Spanish Linguistics from the University of California at Irvine, a Master's Degree in Spanish Literature from New York University, a BCLAD from National University, and an Online Teaching Certificate from MiraCosta College. 

Donna had the incredible experience of studying abroad in Madrid, Spain; she uses those experiences in her classroom every day. She believes that exposing students to authentic language, literature, and culture is the best way to learn!  She strives to inspire her students to want to travel and experience the Spanish speaking world first hand. 

Whether you take one of Donna's online classes or face-to-face classes, you will be inspired by her passion for teaching and enthusiasm for motivating students to learn!

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