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Hans Hauselmann
Professor - History
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Fall 2023 Course Syllabi

Wednesdays 9:30 AM - !2:30 PM


"Anybody can make history. Only a great [person] can write it." Oscar Wilde, The Importance of Being Earnest

I have been teaching history courses at Modesto Junior College2013. I have taught all sorts of courses including World Civilization, American History and Mexican-American history. In my classes I am really big on "doing" history rather than just memorizing names and dates. Students not only learn the big ideas of history but practice the act of historical detection and analysis.

 Historians continue to learn and update their interpretation of the past by continuously asking questions and carefully analyzing texts and practicing information literacy. Among the most important concept to understand is how historians make their arguments—how they use evidence, arrange and present their contentions and conclusions, and respond to opposing points of view. In other words, my courses will not simply introduce a body of “facts” but, more importantly, they will allow students to learn and share the lifelong skill of how to think and reason and how they can participate in the narrative. Attempting to present some linear narrative of objective "facts" sends an oversimplified and misleading message about what history and knowledge are. "Truth" is always complex, always contested, never simple or straightforward. Becoming an educated person involves learning to recognize and deal with this.

I am also a mentor for the LGBTQ+ Mentorship Program at MJC. You can find more about this and other work for the MJC LGBTQ+ Advocates here. Outside of the classroom I am a senator on MJC's Academic Senate and participate in a faculty learning community, discussing pedagogical practices and new ways to make the classroom a fun, inviting and inclusive place to learn. I am also a facilitator and coach for middle leadership with the RP Group's Leading From the Middle Academy. 

Courses I Teach:

Hist 101: US History to 1877

Hist 102: US History since 1877

Hist 104: Western Civilization to 1500

Hist 105: Western Civilization since 1500

Hist 106: World Civilizations to 1500

Hist 107: World Civilization since 1500


MA in History, CSU Stanislaus (2010)

BA in History, UC San Diego (2005)

Courses I Teach

  • US History to 1877,  HIST 101
    Section(s): 1636; 1197; 1165
  • US History since 1877,  Hist 102
    Section(s): 9994
  • Western Civilization,  Hist 104
    Section(s): 0002
  • World Civilizations,  Hist 106
    Section(s): 0010