Kathleen Ennis  MA, MLS.

Kathleen Ennis
Professor - Librarian
Library & Learning Resources
Library & Learning Center 119


Educational Background

B.A. English CSU, Stanislaus (transferred from MJC!)
M.A. Anglo-Irish Literature & Drama, University College Dublin
M.L.S. Library Science, San Jose State University

After earning a master's degree from an Irish university in 1995, I returned home and landed a job as a library assistant with the Stanislaus County Library. I had never even considered working in a library before spying the job notice on a county bulletin board while running errands. I applied, was hired, and from the first day of training I knew I had found my people. Starting out as the Riverbank branch librarian, I eventually moved to the reference department at the downtown Modesto branch and began working toward my professional degree. I earned my Masters in Library & Information Science in spring of 1999 and just a few months later joined the MJC faculty. I am currently the Coordinator of Library Instruction.

Personal Background
I was born and raised in Modesto, though I've done year-long "residencies" in Seattle, Washington and Dublin, Ireland. A high-school drop-out, I reluctantly began taking classes at MJC to get my parents off my back. To my surprise -- and with the help of some fabulously supportive professors  -- I discovered that I had a brain that functioned perfectly well outside the social disaster that was high school. I transferred to CSU, Stanislaus in 1990, then went on to complete two different graduate programs.

The Universe works in mysterious ways and I eventually found myself right back where I started: here at MJC. This is my dream job. Every day finds me thrilled to be working with students in my research classes, chatting with them on Ask a Librarian or in Zoom, and meeting them in the variety of classes I teach and embed in every semester. 

I'm also one of the founders of Modesto's Prospect Theater Project. PTP is a small non-profit theater company producing intimate, edgy, and unconventional theater. I perform in 1-2 plays a year and sometimes I sling Skittles and beer at the box office, too.

When I'm not teaching or hanging out at the theater -- and when we aren't in the midst of a global pandemic --  I can be found traveling EVERYWHERE with my hunky husband, playing  a little old-school D&D with some of my Art and Math colleagues, scouring thrift stores, doing yoga, walking my dog alongside Dry Creek, and seeing as many films and bands as I possibly fit into one lifetime.

I really look forward to meeting you and learning your stories. 

Courses I Teach