Erica Beam

Erica Beam
Part-Time Faculty - Business Administration
Business, Behavioral & Social Science
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Hello! My name is Erica Beam. My pronouns are she/her/hers. Please call me Erica or Professor Beam, either are okay with me.

I am part-time faculty at Modesto Junior College in Modesto, CA where I have taught accounting courses and First Time in College (FTIC) courses. I teach full-time as faculty at Solano Community College.

I began my education at Modesto Junior College (MJC) where I earned an AS Degree in Business and an AA Degree in Accounting. I transferred to CSU Stanislaus and completed a BS Degree in Accounting. During my time at MJC I began an internship at a CPA firm. It was at that CPA firm that I became a tax accountant and found a love for accounting!

I took that love for accounting and went to work for the IRS as a Revenue Officer. It wasn’t for me, but I learned a lot! I began the MBA program at CSU Sacramento and found my love for teaching. The rest is history!

On a personal note, I have two beautiful daughters, my grandpa, and we live in the Sacramento area. I proudly root for the San Francisco Giants and love all things Disneyland! 

Courses I Teach

  • BUSAD 201,  Financial Accounting
    Explores what financial accounting is, why it is important, and how it is used by investors, creditors, and others to make decisions; focusing on a preparer approach. Covers the accounting information system, including recording and reporting of business transactions with a focus on the accounting cycle, the application of generally accepted accounting principles, the financial statements, and statement analysis. Includes issues relating to asset, liability, and equity valuation, revenue and expense recognition, cash flow, internal controls and ethics. Field trips are not required. Not repeatable. Transfer: (CSU, UC) (CC: BUSAD 2A) (C-ID: ACCT 110)
    Section(s): 8696
  • Managerial Accounting,  BUSAD 202
    Study of how managers use accounting information in decision-making, planning, directing operations, and controlling. Focuses on cost terms and concepts, cost behavior, cost structure, and cost-volume-profit analysis. Examination of issues relating to cost systems, cost control, profit planning, and performance analysis in manufacturing and service environments. Field trips are not required. Not repeatable. (A-F or P/NP) Transfer: (CSU, UC) (CC: BUSAD 2B) (C-ID: ACCT 120 = Managerial Accounting )

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