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Kathryn Quinn

Part-Time Faculty - Child Development 
Family and Consumer Sciences 
John Muir Hall 157 


Hello and welcome, 

I am so happy to be here working at Modesto Junior College. It does not feel long ago when I was a student here. This is where my passion for educating children began and to come back as an instructor is a complete honor. When I attended MJC I took one child development course and loved it. The next semester I took 2. By my third semester I changed my major! I went on to acquire my bachelors degree in Child Development, then a MA in education and am currently back in school pursuing a second graduate degree in School Psychology. 
Currently, I am working as an elementary school teacher and adjunct instructor, online, with Modesto Junior College. Everyday that I go to work I am humbled that I have the privilege to work with children and create relationships that will support optimal learning and development. Knowing that my work has a lasting impact means that everyday, whether I am working with young children in my classroom, or with college students on Canvas, I try my best to ensure that people are heard, feel supported and know they are safe in our shared space. 
I am the mother to three young girls.  All born within 17 months of each other they are busy and keep me on my toes. Watching them learn to explore the world has instilled a renewed passion for working with families. 
As I continue to grow, I hope that in my courses you find the support you need, open communication, and clear expectations of the learning process. 
I am so happy to work with people who will continue to be worked changers for many years to come. 

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