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  Deborah Gilbert

Deborah Gilbert
Professor - English 
Literature and Language Arts 
Founders Hall 260L 


I have been at MJC since 2005 teaching all levels of composition as well as Early American Literature and film appreciation.

In addition to teaching English, I am now an i3 Innovation Mentor (to find out about i3 look here to an external site.) and as such I teach a human-centered design course, WKFSK300, which is a great way to complete your activities requirement. I am also involved in getting MJC's first maker space off the ground. Please ask me if you want to know more.

I love my job, and what I love most is meeting and getting to know you, my students.

Email me for any reason at or call my office at 575.6668 though email is a quicker way to get a hold of me. I almost always respond by the end of the day unless your email requires research or a lengthy reply.