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  Deborah Gilbert

Deborah Gilbert
Professor - English 
Literature and Language Arts 
Founders Hall 260L 


I have been at MJC since 2005 teaching all levels of composition as well as Early American literature and film appreciation. I love my job, and what I love most is meeting and getting to know my students.

My teaching philosophy

…is to connect compassionately with you and enthusiastically with the material I teach.

I know that as community college students you most likely have very busy lives with families to tend to, jobs to make time for, selves to be kind to.  I know that many of you are first time college students, and for some of you this is your first semester.  I know that some of you are returning students and wondering if you made the right decision. I know that many of you are here to make your family proud and give back to them. I know you have stressors but that you are also inspired.  And I KNOW that my students inspire me every semester. I am here to meet you where you are and help you as much as I can.

I will hold you to high standards and provide high levels of support.

Advice for success

In my classes, assignments build on each other.  So for instance, your readings in Weeks 1 and 2 will be sources for your essay due in Week 4. That’s why each assignment is important.

To give yourself the best chance for success, read the instruction pages that come in between the assignment pages because while I embed as much instruction within the assignment pages as I can without making them too cumbersome, the in-between pages are where I provide detailed explanations for performing tasks and developing skills.  

I allow you a lot of scheduling flexibility because I know everyone's schedule is packed. Committing to a schedule that is tailored to you -- and also allows you time to think, and time to get help --  will set you on the path toward solid learning.

My grading philosophy

My goal is to teach you reading, writing and critical thinking skills so that you can be successful in college.  I will teach these skills by having you practice them repeatedly. I weight essays heavier at the end of the semester to give you credit for mastering skills that I don't expect you to have at the beginning of the semester.

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