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Dr.  Jeff Netto

Jeff Netto
Professor - English 
Literature and Language Arts 
Sierra Hall B247 

Courses I Teach


    • "Intertextuality and the Chess Motif: Shakespeare, Middleton, Greenaway." Shakespeare, Italy and Intertextuality. Ed. Michele Marrapodi. Manchester: Manchester UP, 2005. 216-26.
    • "Chaplin and Melies en abyme." Imaginaires 9 (2003): 365-75.
    • "Sensuous Games: The Iconography of Chess in The Tempest." Shakespeare and Intertextuality. Rome: Bulzoni, 2000. 281-91.
    • "Dickens with Kant and Sade." Style 29 (Fall 1995): 441-58.
    • "Violence and the Scene of Writing." The Image of Violence. Ed. Will Wright and Stephen Kaplan. Colorado Springs: U of Southern Colorado, 1995. 351-6.
    • "'still no writ(h)ing figure': Writing, Allegory and the Object of Fantasy in The Mystery of Edwin Drood." Dickens World 8 (Summer 1992): 98-121.

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