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Noah Hughes

Noah Hughes
Professor - Earth Science 
Science, Mathematics & Engineering 
Science Community Center 345 
Office Hours:     
Monday, 10:30a.m. - 2:30a.m. 


Textbook information for EASCI 161 (Earth Science):

  • "Earth Science" by Tarbuck, Lutgens, and Tasa (15th Ed.)
  • Note: The version of this book that is available in the West Campus MJC Pirates Bookstore is unbound and comes bundled with an access code to MasteringGeology, a required online homework system that also provides access to an eText as well as other content. (ISBN 9780134674544)
  • If you decide to purchase or rent your textbook elsewhere, you will still need to purchase an access code to MasteringGeology. I think it's about $40. You can do that through the "MyLab and Mastering" link in the course Canvas page. Register as a student and follow the prompts. You can also purchase an eText version of the textbook along with the access code. This option can save money, but remember that you will need access to your textbook during class, so you need to have a tablet or laptop that you can use to access the textbook.

Courses I Teach

  • EASCI 161,  Earth Science