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Tami Cosentino  B.A., M.A.

Adjunct - Health Education 
Physical, Recreational and Health Education 
209-575-7950 8044 


As an adjunct faculty member, without a specific office, appointments will be scheduled on an as-needed basis. Please call, email, or talk to me in class about scheduling an appointment.


Biography: Tami earned an A. A. degree from Modesto Junior College. CSU, Stanislaus is the institution from which she obtained her B.A. degree in Physical Education, M.A. degree in Education, with a Physical Education concentration, and her Secondary, Single Subject teaching credential. After substitute teaching throughout Stanislaus County, Tami was hired by MJC as a part-time Body Mechanics instructor in 1976. She was the first MJC Women's Track and Field Coach in 1977 and was named Women's Track and Field Coach of the Year for her last year in that position, 1983. Body Mechanics became Aerobics, Women's Weight Training became an actual class, (now there is no longer a need for the 'women's' designation),  and yoga is now recognized as a credited activity course, rather than a non-credit course. All of these evolutions have occurred since Tami began teaching at MJC. With the help of the Video and Photography staff, Tami directed and produced two versions of an Aerobics Telecourse for MJC. She has collaborated to teach a learning cohort for students, as well. Currently, Tami teaches Healthful Living and Yoga. Nutrition, fitness, and mental health are key interests in Tami's professional and personal life. Outside of MJC, Tami enjoys family, fitness, travel, and entertaining.

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