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Stephen Choi

Stephen Choi
Instructor - Administration of Justice 
Business, Behavioral & Social Science 
Center for Advanced Technology 103 


I was born and raised in the Bay Area. I moved to the Central Valley when I was 19-years-old and I now call Stockton my home.  I graduated law school and my undergraduate degree is in Psychology. I am an extra-help sergeant for a small Central Valley police department and I teach at the Merced College Police Academy.  Here are some interesting tidbits about my family.

My grandfather left Korea in 1903 to work as a sugar cane field-hand in Hawaii.  My grandmother was a mail order bride, sent by steam ship, where she met my grandfather, married him, and had two boys and seven girls. My father was born on the sugar cane plantation workers' quarters.  He was working/living in Honolulu when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor.  When he came to California he worked as a tractor/trailer mechanic until he retired.

My mom was born and raised on the Osage Indian Reservation in Oklahoma during the Great Depression. She enlisted in the Navy and then the Air Force and served during the Korean War, while stationed at Adak island, as a Lt. nurse.

My dad barely graduated high school but he told me an education was important, so important, that it could never be taken away from me.  In my immediate family, I am the first one to graduate college with a four-year degree.  I owe everything I have because of the sacrifices my parents' made in their lives for our family.  Thank you mom and dad. I miss you.

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