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Dr.  Ginger Charles

Ginger Charles
Adjunct - Psychology 
Business, Behavioral & Social Science 
209-575-7950 8039 



My work as a police officer for over 27 years offers a very concrete perspective of life; what works and what doesn’t. The examples I use in my classes are raw and real. I do not come from an ivory tower perspective. I have spent time in the streets with what has been called the “underside” of our world. 

During my career as a police officer, I was fascinated with behavior and decided to go back to school. In 1994, I completed a masters degree in Clinical Psychology. Then in 2005, I received my doctorate in Health Psychology. I retired as a police sergeant in 2013 and moved to California to begin an academic career.

I teach Psychology 101 and 104 courses at MJC and look forward to many years working with students and faculty. I continue an active research program within the police culture and offer presentations and services regarding resiliency and maintaining spiritual values for our law enforcement communities.

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