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Shawn Black

Shawn Black
Professor - Varsity Men 
Physical, Recreational and Health Education 
Physical Education Offices 102 


Just a bit about me.  I earned my AA from MJC back in 1993 and went on to earn a BS and MA from Fresno State in Kinesiology.  I came back to Modesto and began teaching part time in 2000 in the Health Ed/PE department.  In 2005 I was hired full time and began teaching health classes online.  In addition to teaching Health 110 and Health 118 online, I also teach several PE classes including, Beginning and Advanced Tennis, Training and Conditioning for Tennis, Pilates, Exercise for Fitness, Walk/Jog for Improved Fitness, Weight Training, and I'm the head coach for the men's and women's tennis teams. GO PIRATES!

Courses I Teach

  • Exercise for Fitness,  PEC 140
  • Pilates,  PEC 187
  • Training and Conditioning for Tennis,  PEVM 131
  • Weight Training,  PEC 195
  • Men's Varisty Tennis,  PEVM 130
  • Exercise and Nutrition for Healthy Living,  Health 118
  • Beginning Tennis,  PEC 175
  • Women's Varsity Tennis,  PEVW 130
  • Walking/Jogging for Improved Fitness,  PEC 115