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Eric Barajas

Eric Barajas
Program Specialist 
Student Services 
Yosemite Hall A125 


I am thankful to say that I am here for you and because of you! Here to be of service and support you throughout your academic journey at MJC. The challenges faced as a student can seem endless from your responsibility to meet assignment deadlines to managing your work schedule, to home obligations. The list goes on and the details that demand your time, energy, and finances can be exhausting. 

My service to you- You will discover the power you've had all along to make an objective decision when challenges arise, and frustrations and discouragement strike. In essence, I am like your personal coach to cheer you on, partner with you, and remind you that with focused efforts you can achieve your goals.  Ultimately, you possess the answer I only help you find it.

I look forward to working with you,

Eric Barajas
Success Coach/Specialist
Founders Hall 116

*Si se can overcome!!

Courses I Teach

  • COLSK 100

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