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Ms.  Suzanne Akard

Suzanne Akard
Adjunct - Humanities & Music 
Arts, Humanities & Communications 
209-575-7950 8029 


SEE “Courses I Teach” below for class descriptions and requirements.

INFORMATION ABOUT TEXTBOOKS - My classes are possibly Zero OR Low Textbook Cost!

Zero Cost Option
I have a limited number of copies of course textbooks available at the MJC east campus library reserve desk that can be checked out (for the semester) by students currently enrolled in my classes (Humanities 101 and 110).  First come, first served. To go to the MJC library online search for textbooks on reserve, click here and then enter my last name (Akard) to find all my available textbooks. You’ll then need to click on the textbook you want. (Please note that I have one copy for each class that is available only to read at the library, but there are a number of copies of the earlier editions that can be checked out.) After you click on a book you will see how many copies are available. Note: if the library cannot loan out books due to any restrictions, an online edition of the book may possibly be available.

Low Cost Option
Additionally, you may use any of these editions of the textbooks, some of which can be purchased online at used booksellers for relatively low cost. 

For HUMANITIES 101 - Introduction to the Humanities:
Philip E. Bishop, Adventures in the Human Spirit:  4th, 5th, 6th, or 7th edition.

For HUMANITIES 110 - East Meets West:
Martin J, Gannon and Rajnandini Pillai, Understanding Global Cultures: 4th, 5th, or 6th edition.


Information about events for Humanities 101 Event Report assignment: If public events are not currently allowed, or students are not able to attend a public event, there will be a variety of online “events” from which to choose, including recordings of live performances, links to virtual events, and online museum or art gallery tours. 

Courses I Teach

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